Ann Rhoades

Create An Enviable Culture

Ann is the founder of Peopleink, an organization that works with companies to create high-performance workplace cultures. She is the former Chief People Officer of Southwest Airlines and was one of the founders of JetBlue Airways. More of what Ann and her team can do to help you create a lasting culture can be found on her website

One of Ann’s first messages to us was that if you do not create your own culture it will create itself. And it may not be true to your core values so make a concerted effort to engage your team and your employees in identifying the culture you want for your company.

As you create the no more than 3-5 core values for your company have a team identify specific behaviors for each of the values. That way no one is interpreting what his or her own meaning is to the core value, for example, “courteous customer service”. She suggests that this team only consist of your “A” players.

You do not have to treat all employees equally but you do need to treat them all fairly.

Be re-recruiting your “A” players all the time. Spend your time helping them to become better and how much you value their contribution. Do not spend your time trying to make your “C” players into “A” players.