David Houle

Shift/Transformation 2017-2037

David is a futurist providing trends and forecasts for businesses to use in planning their future. You can learn more about David on his website davidhoule.com.

His focus in this talk was on the two decades from 2017 to 2037 that is part of the first third of this century which he refers to as the Shift Age.

The reason he focused on the next two decades is that he feels “there will be more change in the next 20 years than in any 50-100 year period in history.”

We are in the Age of Climate Change when our physical landscapes will be altered through rising sea levels, extreme floods, droughts, and storms. Haven’t we seen this materialize in the last twelve months or so with floods in Houston and Florida and the west coast wildfires? Millions of people will need to leave their current location as rising waters force their evacuation unless something dramatically is done soon.

David also says we have entered the Age of Intelligence where AI or Artificial Intelligence will eliminate, he predicts, nearly 50% of all current jobs.

Some of his recent predictions:
March 2017 – For the next few years, the price of oil will largely be $40-$60 a barrel.

May 2017 – Hundreds of billions of dollars of real estate value in the U.S. will be lost between 2020-2035 due purely to sea level rise.

June 2017 – Massive long-term economic disruption will occur 2017- 2030 as historically unprecedented creative destruction occurs in multiple industries.

July 2017 – The unfettered growth of social media, particularly Facebook is about to have a moment of self or governmentally imposed restrictions.

August 2017 – We have entered the 2nd half of The Shift Age. Change accelerates and we move from Transformation to Disruption.

October 2017 – There is a high possibility of a financial disruption by 2020.