The BAR is a peer advisory group consisting of San Francisco Bay area business owners. The group is limited to 16 members from non-competing businesses. An invitation for membership must come from the recommendation of an existing member or the Chair and acceptance approved by 100% of the membership.

The group’s primary purpose is to provide a safe and confidential environment in which to share decisions facing us. By sharing something that is top of mind with other business owners a member will get feedback on how others handled the topic so she/he can make a more informed decision. Several hundred years of leadership experience is represented in the room.

The time commitment for a member is two-fold. Membership includes a monthly 90-minute personal coaching session, called a one-to-one. This is held in a confidential setting selected by the member, usually their office, and is facilitated by Pete Michaels. This is an opportunity for the member to discuss what it is that is currently most pressing in their life and discover through curious questioning possible solutions.

The all-day monthly meeting, held on the third Wednesday of the month, provides an escape from the daily life of interruptions experienced as a business owner and allows the member to work “on” their business instead of “in” their business for one day a month. In addition to discussing issues facing one another and receiving helpful suggestions, we share and track key performance indicators; analyze each other’s financial performance; share best practices; set and track monthly, quarterly and annual goals; and host professional presenters who conduct interactive workshops on business topics.

Description of industries in The BAR

  • A diversified EMS company providing design and assembly services for electronic products.
  • A retired CFO of a ready-mix, building materials supplier serving Northern California.
  • A commercial office furniture distributor representing Herman Miller and other manufacturers.
  • A pension consulting and recordkeeping firm.
  • An installer of commercial office furniture also providing asset management and storage services.
  • A distributor of emergency responder equipment serving the western U.S. and the U.S. military worldwide.
  • A managed services company providing engineering, management, site development and technical services to the wireless industry.
  • A full-service consulting, development, and a commercial real estate company specializing in partnering with community service providers that work to bring revitalization, education, hope, healing, enlightenment, and prosperity to those they serve.
  • A firm providing design, implementation, and security for corporate networks.
  • A manufacturer of high precision, high-speed cutting equipment for the metals industry.
  • An engineering firm specializing in consumer electronic accessories.
  • A full-service construction company whose primary expertise is in building restoration, structures, and commercial interiors.
  • A firm specializing in control integration and validation for both process and facility systems.
  • An independent fabricator of rebar and preassembled rebar products.

Our Mission:  To help each member increase the value of their business as if it were going to be sold.

Cost is $1,000 monthly.