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Do you feel like you have lost your competitive edge?  I mean personally, not your company, although the results will show up in how your company is performing.  Are you not getting results from your team that you are used to getting?  Has your company’s growth leveled off?  Perhaps it’s time to look at you.

In a article, “5 Signs Your Leadership Style Is Outdated”, contributor Glenn Llopis challenged leaders to look internally if the results they were getting were not meeting their expectations.

1.  You Make Bad Decisions

Have you noticed that more of your decisions are not turning out the way you would like?  Is your leadership team challenging some of the decisions you are making?  Perhaps this is a sign that you are not as engaged as you were earlier in your career.  This is not unusual for leaders in their 50’s and 60’s as they become less willing to take risks in their business.  However, the consequences can be disastrous.  You may be making more decisions on your own without engaging your leadership team.  You may be quick to hire and slow to fire, resulting in poor performers affecting the morale and results of the company.  This is a perfect reason to be part of a CEO peer advisory group such as Vistage.  As you share your financial results with your fellow CEO members they will challenge you when they see slippage.  They will also notice when the goals you set for yourself and your company seem easily achievable and not aggressive.

2.  You Grow Complacent

How would you rate your passion quotient for your business?  Do you look forward to coming to work and leading your team or does your mind wander to something you would rather be doing?

And please understand that this lack of desire to push is very evident to your leadership team.  A consequence here is that they may not feel challenged in their jobs and decide to leave.

3.  Your Selfishness

Is it more about the lifestyle you would like to lead and not about leading your company?  Once a business leader, whether you are an owner or not, begins thinking more about themselves than those working for them they begin losing the respect of their team.  Consequences may be a lack of effort from them to mirror what they see coming from you, poor performance resulting in costly mistakes, or losing key performers for a better opportunity.

4.  Your Likability Factor Falters

Do you notice that your people are approaching you less and less?  This could be a sign that they feel you are no longer approachable.  Does it have to do with any of the three points above: poor decision-making, complacency, or selfishness?  Great leaders are approachable.  They want their employees to be successful because it results in the company being successful.  A consequence is that your leadership team members may start making more decisions on their own without your input, resulting in loss of a common vision and direction for the company.

5.  You Stop Reinventing

I mentioned this above.  Are you suffering from risk avoidance?  Perhaps it’s your age.  Perhaps it’s because you have experienced some bad decisions.  Whatever the reason it has caused you to settle into a rut and when you are in a rut the only view is from below looking up.  If you feel your leadership style is on cruise control it is time to reinvent yourself as a leader.  It will show in the new enthusiasm of your employees and the results you are able to achieve.

If any of the above applies to you take some time to yourself and contemplate what changes you should make in your leadership style.  Better yet, join a Vistage CEO private advisory board and ask fellow CEOs what they find makes them a successful leader.

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