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I came across an article on contributed by Sean Blanda, Editor-in-Chief of Behance’s 99U, titled “Why Your Meetings Should Only Last 30 Minutes”.  This intrigued me since the majority of my CEO members complain that they are involved (by choice, request or guilt) in attending more daily and weekly meetings than they would like.  And most indicate that the meetings in which they attend as a “guest” are run inefficiently.  So, perhaps, the suggestion by Mr. Blanda in his article will resonate with you.

Schedule 30 minute meetings.  Often the default time for a meeting on our digital calendars is one hour so all attendees agree to allocate this time, again by default.  And often there is too much filler (weather, sports, etc.) that takes up the beginning of the meeting because the facilitator is trying to fill the time allotted.

When you only have 30 minutes to get things done you get right to it.  And everyone can get back to their responsibilities.  Sure there will be times when you need more time BUT you or the meeting facilitator will know that and can request everyone commit to the extended time ahead.

Several of my member companies hold what they call “huddles”.  If you picture a football team in a huddle you get the concept.  Everyone standing, leaning into the conversation, getting quick updates from all participants and getting back to work.

Challenge your team to start holding 30 minutes meetings if they normally go longer than this.  And here is the my gift to you…calendar the meeting for one hour.  I have just given you an extra 30 minutes to get other stuff done.  How many meetings do you have on average each day?  Multiply this number by 30 minutes and look at the “free” time I have helped you create to be used as best serves your needs.  Try it.