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IMG_1328As I lead my two CEO peer groups I am always looking for speakers who can come into the group and provide value to them, deliver a couple of takeaways that they can apply right away in their companies.

This week Jason Lavin filled the bill. Jason is the founder and CEO of Golden Communications, Inc. (GoldenComm), a leading strategic website design firm located in Newport Beach, CA. Their staff of 70+ offers a variety of services including web development, e-commerce web design, search engine optimization (SEO), search engine marketing (SEM), and most things Internet.

Jason’s passion for his business came through loud and clear as he delivered his wisdom to us that morning. One of his strongest beliefs is that your website can and should be your sales arm and driving the majority of your new business opportunities.  This is not something you should expect your sales staff to do, he says, although this is the traditional thought among CEOs, that their sales people should also be their business developers.  Sales people don’t like this kind of work! It is boring to them and they are not good at it.  They want to be in front of a warm lead influencing and closing a sale.  Jason demonstrated how each of us can change our website to do just that.

First is to buy intentful phrases.  These are phrases you can buy from a search engine like Google’s AdWords.  You choose these phrases based on how potential clients search for your products or services.  You can look on to see what words or phrases your competitors use to attract business or just type into the Google search box a word or phrase you think a prospect might search for and see what Google suggests.

Here are a couple of quick fixes Jason suggested to us to drive more business.  Make sure each of your website pages has a unique title tag.  If you click on one of your page tabs and your company name comes up each time then please have your IT person create unique words or phrases for each page.  This makes it easier for Google to find you.

Another is to get rid of your 800 number if you have one.  This turns people off.  They are not sure where their call is going to be routed.  India?  The Far East?  Put actual phone numbers to your office or offices on the top right hand corner of each of your website pages.  If you have offices in different area codes list each phone number.  People want to do business with firms that are local.

And probably the most important lesson Jason gave us was to set up a hedgehog website.  If you have read the book Good To Great then you know that the hedgehog concept is to identify what you are passionate about and what you can be the best in the world at doing.  Whatever you choose others may be able to do it as well as you but no one can do it better than your company.  Then set up a separate website using intentful phrases that lead people here, to the specific offering your company does best.  Once you have proven to them that you are indeed the best then other work can come from that relationship.

These are only a few of the tips and techniques we learned from Jason that day. If you feel your website needs an overhaul you might consider interviewing his firm to see if they are a right fit for you and your company.