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Don’t you wish that when someone typed a word into Google having something to do with your business that your company’s name came up first, that you were at the top of Google’s search rankings?

Evan Bailyn ( told my CEO advisory boards how to do just that.  And it’s not about how to trick Google because their algorithms are too sophisticated these days.  Here are the suggestions he gave my CEO members.

1.  Add Key Words

After analyzing all of our websites one of Evan’s recommendations applied to virtually all of my members…add more key words to your web address.  For example, my website,, will only come up in search results if someone types in “Today’s CEO” or “Today’s” or “CEO”.  My chance of being high in searches is virtually nil with these words.  I should add key words that more describe what I do like: private advisory boards | CEO groups | executive coaching | San Francisco East Bay.  Evan recommends no more than 110 characters in the title and don’t repeat words, that won’t get you any more hits.

2.  Add More Key Words

He also recommends extending the titles of the tabs on your website.  While a tab may say “Home”, your web designer can add other key words to it that describe more of what viewers will find on that page.  Same with other tabs like “services”, “products”, “our team”, “blog”, or “contact us”.

3.  More Pages

Having many pages on your website increases your chances of moving up the Google rankings, too.  Google likes content.  And Evan emphasizes it must be great content to get noticed, not just filler.  Deliver value to your reader especially if part of your website is a blog.  If you sell products from your website each product should have a landing page.  If you provide a variety of services list those and make them clickable to take the reader to a separate page describing each service.

4.  Contact information

Evan recommends having your company’s contact information on each page of your website.  And if you want information from your reader (complete this to receive a brochure or to have someone call you) ask for only three pieces of information: name, phone number and email.

5.  Photos

If you have photos on your website make sure they are “real” photos and not stock photos taken from the Internet.  He says readers can tell the difference and it doesn’t give your website a professional look if they have been dragged and dropped from the Internet.

And, please, have photos of your team and facilities.  Visitors love people and posting pictures of you and your people gives credibility and trust to your website.

6.  Links

One of the best ways to move you up in searches is to have other websites linking to your website.  It could be because you have written a white paper or blog that someone likes and references back to you or it could be customers or vendors who are endorsing you for some reason.

7.  Conversion

Are you selling a product or service?  Then you want your visitor to have trust in your company so they will click to buy or call.  To create trust Evan encourages you to display logos from your clients, logos of awards you have received and logos of any publication in which you have been featured.  Have links to articles you have written.  Post pictures of your projects.  Tell your company story.  It makes it personal for the reader.  And include video testimonials from satisfied clients.

There are a number of ideas I will take to improve my website.  Which ones will you use to improve yours?

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