My Members

My member companies are currently located in the East Bay of the San Francisco Bay area, although we are looking to add members from throughout the U.S. since most of our meetings are virtual using Zoom. 


Industries Represented in The BAR (Business Advisory Roundtable)

    •  A 90+ year old company which is a distributor of emergency responder equipment.
    •  A fabricator and seller of rebar and related products to the construction industry.
    •  A designer of custom offices and seller of commercial office furniture.
    •  A provider of end-to-end network engineering and IT services to government, education and corporate clients.
    •  A manufacturer of precision metal sawing machines and automation for industrial use.
    •  A manufacturer of connectivity solutions for the iPhone and iPad.
    •  A design company specializing in PCB’s (printed circuit boards).
    •  A firm providing demolition services in the residential, commercial and industrial construction sectors.
    •  A leading retirement and benefits plan provider
    •  A leader in delivering systems that collect, store, analyze and visualize information from process, manufacturing, and control systems as well as providing panel design and manufacturing.

Member Testimonials

“Since joining nearly a year ago I have benefited both professionally and personally from the candid feedback offered by my peers.  In one case Pete, our group leader, brought together a special “Tiger Team” just for my situation.  In my opinion it completely changed the outcome in a more positive way because of their suggestions and insights.  I feel like I have another management team in my corner to solve business opportunities.”  1-year member

“I don’t have a board of directors, so when I have a critical business decision I go to my peer group.  They understand my business and are vested in the success of my company.”  8-year member

“My group has walked me through personal triumphs and tragedies. My business model was flawed when I joined and now it is solid.”  19-year member

“Good people in the group with good advice, willing to share ideas and interested in helping me be successful.”  12-year member

“The opportunity to obtain input/advice from experienced executives who are impartial/unbiased.” 10-year member

“Enjoyment of relationship and sense of shared professional success are the two factors that prompt me to remain in the group.”  10-year member

“My peer group gives depth (another dimension) to my life. I have myself, my family and my very smart friends.”  10-year member

I like to surround myself with people at least as smart if not smarter than I.”  8-year member

“I was a manager before I joined my group. I am now becoming a CEO.”  7-year member

“The skills that I am learning are invaluable and have contributed to my personal growth and bottom line.”  6-year member

“The group is supportive, smart and experienced in running companies. Members are always willing to share and help.”  5-year member

“The group holds its members accountable for the work that needs to get done.”  5-year member

“My company is better managed, more profitable and I work less hours. I receive great tips and advice from group members and it reinvigorates my entrepreneurial spirit.”  4-year member

“The group gives excellent feedback on each others issues and creates a safe haven to discuss “CEO Only” items.”  4-year member

“I have watched this group grow and develop into a very cohesive team that will go out of their way to help one another, provide a reality check with a steady stream of straight forward advice and not hesitate to point out your shortcomings in order to make you better.”  4-year member 

“I was looking for a forum to share ideas and problem solve for my company. I get several “pearls” per meeting from my group that I can use as soon as I get back to the office.”  4-year member

“Ultimately, I’m the only one who can make my life turn out; hence I have to figure out how to do that on a daily basis. To accomplish that, 12 thinking caps are better than one.”  4-year member

“I engage other business people who help me to think critically about important issues that affect my business.”  4-year member

“Roughly 3 years ago I realized that my knowledge of how to run my 21-year old business was short of what it needed to be. I am now at the point where my bottom line is positively impacted each and every month thanks to my experience in the group.”  3-year member