Our Speakers

Every year the group hosts four or more topic experts on subjects such as leadership, financial planning, human resources, hiring and firing, succession planning and the economy.  Many are current or former CEOs who share their philosophy and learning with my members. These are very interactive 90-minute presentations where the members get to ask questions specific to his/her company.  Browse the links below for overviews on some of the workshops that have been held.

Quarterly workshops are available to members and their guests of both The BAR and APEX.

The topics are chosen by the members and take place during the morning of the monthly meeting.

Presenters are typically current or former CEOs who share their learning and leadership philosophy. Many are authors who have a certain take on a business strategy.

In addition, trusted advisors such as bankers, attorneys, CPAs, financial planners, and consultants are invited to share their expertise with the members.

The use of TED Talks and other online learning tools is often used as well.

The group decides which areas of their company or their leadership they want to improve and a resource is identified.

You are encouraged to click on this link to read a summary of any of these presentations and others

Audrey Gee

Employment Law

David Houle

Shift/Transformation 2017-2037

Heather Lutze

Internet Marketing

Ann Rhoades

Create An Enviable Culture