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LearningI have always said that my CEO members are among the busiest people on the planet.  And I’m sure that is true with anyone running their own business.  However, this week it seemed to be a theme in our one-to-ones, our monthly 90-minute meeting in my member’s office where we take time to focus on what is going on in their business and personal lives.

The common thread for three of them was that their business and personal lives were blurring together.  There was no separation, no defining break, one from the other.  In one case it was getting kids off to school, then to work, then answering a phone from a sick kid at home, then a call from an aging parent with an immediate need, then issues at work (a project was off track, a decision needed to be made), then home to pick up kids from school, then pick up something at the store for the parent, dinner preparation, homework help, aaaah!

The other was similar.  Wife teaching so he gets the kids’ lunches ready and gets them off to school (now later to work than normal), from meeting to meeting at work, lunch with clients, more back-to-back meetings so at the end of the day he reflects and says “what did I get done today?”, help with dinner, homework, should I go to the gym at 9:00?, aaah!

As I was leaving my third such meeting of the week, a person with similar stories, I put my arm around her and said, “can you find an hour and a half for you?. Get a massage, a manicure, do something for yourself.”  She said she could.  I need to check to see if she did.

How often do you put yourself second to please someone else?  How is this impacting your state of mind?  Do you find yourself a little edgy?  Impatient with people?  Feeling unhealthy because you don’t have time to fix that “clean” meal or get to the gym?

What do you enjoy doing that gives you pleasure.  Exercise, movie, massage?  Even if you take just a couple of hours for yourself during the week you will feel better.  You will be amazed at how that short break can give you renewed energy to dive back into life.

And understand, it will get better.

Please don’t neglect yourself.  If you do you won’t be around to help those in your life that depend on you.