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Improve Your Leadership Skills With

Proven Leaders.

It is only by knowing each other as human beings and not as a CEO, President, Vice President or some other corporate title that we build a trust with each other so that we are willing to share what is top of mind and not feel judged.

To create an environment where safe and confidential conversations take place so we connect to each other as human beings.

Shadow River is a leadership organization designed for business owners and key executives who want to improve their leadership skills.  It consists of two groups:

  • The Business Advisory Roundtable (The BAR) — which is open to business owners or those who are hired to lead a company or division and
  • APEX — a group open to key executives who lead an area of a company and report to the CEO or President or small business owners whose revenues do not exceed $2 million.

Who is Leading The Leaders?

I, Pete Michaels, lead both groups as its Chair.  I have been a professional business coach and meeting facilitator and have led numerous peer advisory groups for over the past 24 years.

I’ll introduces you to how a peer group of business owners learn to be better leaders by being transparent with one another.

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